NuWave Bravo XL Reviews


I love my NuWave Bravo XL I have not used my regular oven since this arrived. Ive baked brownies and roasted a turkey and more and each item was perfect. I like that it doesn't heat up the kitchen when its on. I have recommended this to everyone. Ive posted so many pictures of the food Ive cooked in it that people have started sending me recipes for things to try in it. What are you waiting for get you one today


Jacqueline Kemp, Memphis Tennessee - 8/12/2019 


I have the old nu wave round one and needed to upgrade so we got the XL oven. very easy to operate we can use most of our bake ware with it. preheat takes less time then a regular over. cooks pizza perfect This appliance is awesome. we also got the pressure cooker but have not used it yet. canning season is coming up it will get tested than. The price for both machines all the extras that came with it is excellent.


Robin T, Fairview Oregon - 8/11/2019


I like that its takes guess work out of cooking meat. Just use the supplied digital thermometer and you can cook to the desired level from rare to well done.The size is definitely a plus. It does not take up any more space than a typical toaster oven but the Nuwave does so much more. The Nuwave oven is well worth the money a all by itself but when you throw in all the free gifts and accessories its a very good deal. Love the air fryer we use it all the time.


Jerry Hudgens, Labanon Tennessee - 8/7/2019


I love the size of the NuWave Bravo XL. It throws off very little heat but the outside oven its self is very hot to the touch. The fan is so quiet you dont even hear it running. It will be great in the RV. So far very pleased with it. Trying new recipes all the time.


Nancy Vermette, Vanderbilt Michigan - 8/7/2019


If you have not tried the NuWave Bravo XL I highly recommend it


Katrina Good, Sandusky Ohio - 8/6/2019


I absolutely love my new Nuwave Bravo XL. It is so convenient and makes life so much easier


Connie Skelly, Erie Pennsylvania - 8/5/2019


I absolutely love this We use this in an RV and it makes meals so much easier. We don't have to use the amount of propane that we used to and when its crumby outside- we can still have an awesome meal. The app has so many recipes that my husband is making a list of things to try. I have only had it for a couple weeks but it has well proven itself to be the best cooking appliance i have in the RV.


Christine Moore, Deer Lodge Montana - 8/5/2019


I really love the Bravo XL my Mother and I both got one for our families and we use them all the time. I have already recommended it to other friends and family.


J Price, Crestline Ohio - 8/4/2019


I am still learning all that the NuWave Bravo can do. So far I am satisfied with it. It was packed very well and is very light to move from location to location. I wish the printing on the buttons was larger they are hard to read in low light. Also the instructions in the book are a little difficult to follow and are somewhat confusing in reference to setting different operations beyond the MENU selections such as fan speed top/bottom burners location settings for grills etc. It seems to be well made so we shall see as time goes by.


Charles Meyer, Cape Coral Florida - 8/2/2019


Love it. I did have a hard time figuring it our but I am getting it now .


Norma Ravenscraft, TIPTON Iowa - 8/2/2019


I Love mine and would recommend to buy this oven.


Janice Bartley, Greeneville Wisconsin - 8/2/2019


Great item


Sheila Bathalon, Monroe New Hampshire - 8/1/2019


Love love love it. Great quality. Great deal.


Brenda Jones, Phoenix Arizona - 7/31/2019


Love my Bravo if you use a pizza screen and not the included stone you get excellent pizza.


Robert Pierce, Franklinville North Carolina - 7/31/2019


Love it is the best glad I bought it . Thats my faith Nuwave product


Agues Ewing , New Iberia Louisiana - 7/31/2019


use my new Bravo a lot


Margret Dill, Hicksville New York - 7/30/2019


I have found it to be superior to the Wolfgang over I have been using. Still trying everything.


Charles Hawk, Henderson Nevada - 7/29/2019


I love it


Edward Neisser, Pasadena Maryland - 7/29/2019


I have always had a toaster oven. The Bravo exceeds any I’ve ever known. Terrific product Highly recommend.


Julia Hillman, Fontana Wisconsin - 7/29/2019


I just love it. I have only had it a week and a couple of days but have been cooking up a storm. It is amazing. I really enjoy the cooking club as well as the cookbook that your customer service rep shared with me. I downloaded to my desktop and just perfect for bringing up recipes without having to print them. Best little oven especially for 2 people that I have ever purchased. thank you


Brenda Hawter, Summerfield Florida - 7/28/2019


I absolutely love my Nu Wave XL oven. I really works beyond my expectations. A real bonus is that it is large enough to hold a 9x13 pan.


Donna Meehan-Natalini, Bayville New Jersey - 7/28/2019


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my NuWave Bravo I have made tater tots in just minutes. I air fried 8 pieces of chicken and it turned out delicious. I also did fish with the air fryer twice and it was amazing. I used it to fire roast a couple of tomatoes to make salsa. I just did sun-dried tomatoes for the first time and they are without a doubt the best I have ever had. I have a pro-grade convection oven as my standard oven and it works very well. But the NuWave is so much faster and clean-up is a breeze. I am planning on doing some lamb chops later in the week for dinner and am sure they will be great. I am still learning all the different features but so far everything I have used it for has turned out even better than I had hoped for


Bill Nickoloff, Coconut Creek Florida - 7/27/2019


I love all of my Nuwave Products the oven pressure cooker.


Fred Elrod, Southside Alabama - 7/26/2019


This oven has definitely met my expectation thus far. For example I used it just tonight to broil a sirloin steak and it did a great job Easier to get food in and out of it over my conventional oven on my range quicker to preheat less heat released into the house and saves me on my propane bill I has a low profile yet is quite roomy and looks nice besides.


Alice Lammonds, Mt. Gilead North Carolina - 7/25/2019


Ive only had it a couple weeks but so far I love it


Todd Reynolds, Cincinnati Ohio - 7/25/2019


I love it Me and my daughter use it everyday. So far it havent disappoint us. I told my sister-in-law about it.


Regina Whitehurst, Bonaire Georgia - 7/25/2019


I used it yesterday And so did my daughter-in-law we both loved it so I went on line and ordered one for her


Carol Weckesser, Rochester Massachusetts - 7/23/2019


Ive only tried the baked shrimp and it turned out great. Still trying to figure out how to cook other recipes normally cooked in the oven.


Jo Jennings, Point Texas - 7/22/2019


I love my nuwave bravo. I would recommend it to friends


Ken Bradburn , Lake Stevens Washington - 7/21/2019